About us

I am Emily, primary dog walker/animal carer. I have had dogs all my life, and the current line up includes “staff members” listed below.

Steve is back up dog walker. He has a wealth of experience with rescue animals, having homed many a dog and worked with the Cats Protection League.

Luca used to do the admin, but now she’s a bit past it, so she’s taken retirement. She barks at dust mites.

Genie is chief running buddy and can seek out a duvet at 20 paces. She has an amazing line in Christmas jumpers.

Otis is a bit of a troubled soul, but tries very hard to be sociable. He has a great line in evasive manoeuvres in the garden.

Rum is head rabbit catcher. No idea how he does it! He would really rather not have snuggles, thank you very much.

Lydia is instigator of naughtiness, and giver of cat-like cuddles.

Atan is with us as a foster, however with a background of being mistreated by humans, he’s unlikely to find another family as daft as us to love him!

And last, but not least, the chickens do their thing in the garden and the 8 colonies of honeybees help pollinate the nearby hedgerows.